Case Studies

Samples of our work

Miller Electric

Discover how we helped one of the world’s largest manufacturers of arc welding and cutting equipment develop a print-on-demand system that resulted in a 30% reduction in waste vs. pre-printed labels.

Planet Fitness

Learn how we designed a suite of intelligent scanner solutions to make this fitness chain’s member registration and access control easy.

Hartford Police Department

Explore how we helped this police department eliminate manual keying by scanning and parsing the barcode on a drivers license, leading to a significant increase in efficiency, greater accuracy and improved safety.

University Wisconsin - Madison

Read about how we helped the university quickly and accurately collect student information at university events, and, set the stage for staying connected beyond graduation.

Meister Cheese

Discover how we simplified inventory tracking for this growing, family-owned cheese company.


See how we helped this company’s coal-powered plants meet OSHA’s Lockout Tagout standards while eliminating errors and saving labor.

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