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Operating a fitness club or wellness center requires registering new members, and, granting access to members only. Part of an overall outstanding member experience involves a member registration process that is quick and private, and, the ability to gain entrance to the club in a secure and hassle free manner.

Planet Fitness is a leader in the fitness and wellness sector. They wanted to offer their club owners the ability to give new members a pleasant experience when registering. They also wanted to offer secure access to the club and to any restricted areas within the club. 

Huzzard Solution Design:

Huzzard designed a suite of intelligent scanner solutions under the Huzzard Read & Feed™ umbrella to address Planet Fitness’ process improvement needs in the areas of member registration and access control.

First, Huzzard developed a drivers license barcode parsing program that interfaced with the Planet Fitness enterprise software and member registration module. The program is loaded on a Huzzard USB programmable barcode scanner that is motion activated when a drivers license barcode is presented under the scanner. The Huzzard app parses data out of the barcode on the drivers license and automatically populates fields in the new member registration module.

Huzzard also developed USB and serial communication programs to allow access to the club after the member presents a barcoded key tag. These scanners also interface with the Planet Fitness enterprise software and member look-up module, or, access control module. The Huzzard USB program helps initiate the member query. The Huzzard serial program confirms membership and unlocks a door.


When using the Huzzard Read & Feed™ drivers license barcode parsing scanner, the new member simply hands the Planet Fitness employee their drivers license and does not have to disclose private information verbally within earshot of employees or members. The process is quick, accurate and private.

The Huzzard access control solutions are cost effective and offer each club flexibility in terms of device communication, and, the technology they want to implement.

The Buzz about Huzz:

In addition to the process analysis and custom programming that Huzzard delivers, Huzzard shines in the area of fulfillment for Planet Fitness. All orders for the intelligent scanners ship the same day they are placed

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