Automated Door Access Control

Low cost and reliable

On Screen Barcodes

Quickly reads barcodes from mobile device screens, keytags, and other sources.


The patented solution includes a weatherized enclosure that is perfect for outdoor installations.

Access Time Control

Control with DataTrak what time your members are allowed to access the facility.

Hands Free

Motion activation detects a presented barcode and decodes without any user intervention.


Audible tone to indicate a successful read.

Installation shown is using HSRF-CONN-EXT-KIT. Sold Separately or included in HSRF-ENC-KIT 400.

Installation shown is using HSRF-CONN-EXT-KIT. Sold Separately or included in HSRF-ENC-KIT 400.

Access Control is a security method that allows authorized users access to specific locations.

Access Control allows you to easily and precisely control and monitor who has access into your building and other internal rooms.

Our HSRF-ENC-KIT access control solution uses barcode technology instead of RFID which can be significantly more expensive to implement. Our patented barcode access control kit is also weatherized; making it suitable for inside and outdoor use.

The HSRF-ENC-KIT includes:

  • Custom Programmed Access Control Barcode Scanner
  • Weatherized enclosure box
  • 6 foot coiled serial cable (Not needed with the HSRF-ENC-KIT 400)
  • Gasket maker
  • Connectivity extension cable (Available with the HSRF-ENC-KIT 400 or when purchased separately)
  • RJ45 Couplers (Included with HSRF-ENC-KIT 400 or Connectivity extension cable)

Besides what is included in our HSRF-ENC-KIT, you will need (from our preferred installer) :

  • Magnetic Door Lock
  • Access Controller
  • Access Control software
  • Barcoded member ID
  • Wiring

We do not provide the installation service, but have partnerships with skilled installers across the United States.
Note: Our preferred installers will also supply all other components, beyond the HSRF-ENC-KIT, required for your access control solution.

We have multiple technical documents to help you through your Access Control Installation:

Installation Diagram with Security Controller (Recommended)

Installation Diagram using PC

Pre-install and field installation instructions

Our HSRF-ENC-KIT solution includes a 6 foot coiled RS232 cable. We offer an extension cable accessory that will allow you to extend up to 60 feet with Cat5/6e cabling.
If you require more than 60 feet, contact us regarding powered RS232 extenders. Previous installations show connectivity up to 150 feet+ with use of powered extenders.

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