Scanners Come With Huzzard Tech Support

Barcode Scanners

Huzzard Customizable Desktop Scanner

  • Can be fully customized by Huzzard Data Systems to work with various check-in computer software
  • Comes with a USB or Serial connection option
  • Easy use – present a barcode in front of the scanner and it automatically scans
  • Comes with Huzzard Tech Team Support

Huzzard Driver License Parsing Scanner

  • Can be fully customized by Huzzard Data Systems to work with various parsing programs used in the fitness and law enforcement industries
  • Helps prevent user error entering data
  • Automatically enters data into the designated fields in your software
  • Comes with Huzzard Tech Team Support

Huzzard Door Access Control Scanner Kit

Automate access to entrances with Huzzard’s Patented Door Access Control Kit

  • Barcode scan engine inside a weatherized enclosure
  • Ability to read barcodes of a variety of media including cards, tags, and smartphones
  • Serial connection (USB also available by request)
  • Integrates with many popular access control components
  • Comes with Huzzard Tech Team Support

Zebra DS2278 Cordless Scanner

  • 1D/2D Cordless
  • Flexible charging options with presentation cradle or micro USB cable
  • Long-lasting battery will likely never need to be replaced
  • Can be used for restocking and replenishment, coupons and loyalty, point of sale checkout, mobile point-of-sale, and mobile barcode scanning

Zebra LI3600 Long Range Scanner

  • Designed to capture virtually any 1D barcode from as close as 2 inches to as far as 56 feet!
  • Practically indestructible and freezer-ready
  • Can be used for picking, cross docking, distribution, track and trace, and warehouse management

Opticon OPN-2004 Companion Scanner

  • One-touch barcode scanning makes data collection simple and easy
  • Fully-programmable with free OPN-2004 firmware development kit – optimize scanning behavior for target application
  • Small form-factor (2.44” x 1.26” x 0.69”) device fits easily into pocket or on a key chain
  • Conveniently holds up to 10,000 barcodes in 1 MB of memory

Zebra CS60 Companion Scanners

  • Convertible corded/cordless
  • Contactless charging
  • Second programmable button
  • Can be used for hospitality, inventory management, mobile point-of-sale, and merchandising

With the CS60-HC upgrade:

  • Purpose-built housing with disinfectant-ready plastics and contactless charging
  • Night mode
  • Can be used for bedside point of care, patient identification, barcode medication administration, and electronic medical record access

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