LockOut TagOut Tags

Comply with OSHA Standard 1910.147

We understand that LockOut TagOut (LOTO) and Compliance Labeling can be a tedious and challenging activity to accomplish within an organization.

With over 30 years experience, we deliver the knowledge, the hardware, the tag and label materials, and, the service and support, to ensure sustainable LOTO success.

Huzzard has the ability to integrate your Lockout Tagout on-demand print systems with a variety of software programs including eSOMS.

Discover how we helped Dynegy eliminate errors and save labor with a new streamlined Lockout Tagout process.

LOTO Tags of any shape and size

It’s good to have choices

Huzzard has a vast library of sample formats to aid in arriving at optimal design.  Typical tag designs are 3″W x 5″L or 3″W x 6″L with a punch hole centered 1″ down from the tag edge.

The good news is we have designed many other formats that include slits and a large hole to easily hang over a knob. And, we offer many color combinations to compliment communication within your LOTO specifications.  Here is a listing a few the tag types we produce:

  • and many more

Printer Hardware

The test of time

    Thermal transfer print technology has proven to be the most effective print method for on-demand printing and durable tagging requirements.


Huzzard’s partnership with Zebra enables us to integrate several different types of printers into your on-demand LOTO print system including:

    • Desktop
    • Tabletop
    • Portable

Huzzard XS366 Thermal Transfer Ribbon formulation

Performance you need

The Huzzard XS366 ribbon formulation provides excellent smudge and scratch resistance when used with Huzzard #3400 LOTO synthetic tag material.  Easy to read and resistance to water and mild chemicals.

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Integrate seamlessly with eSOMS and other ERP programs

Versatile integration

Huzzard has the ability to integrate with a variety of ERP and Operation Management programs including eSOMS.

Operator Rounds

There’s more

A natural extension of Huzzard’s LOTO on-demand print system is hardware, software and labels to automate and modernize Operator Rounds.

Ask us about rugged mobile computers, bluetooth printers, ultra removable labels and software that can replace antiquated data collection processes and streamline your Operator Rounds workflow.


From Fortune 500 companies to local startups.