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Dynegy’s 13 coal power plants operate under OSHA’s Lockout TagOut standard 1910.147 designed to safeguard employees from unexpected startup of equipment and protection from hazardous energy. This standard calls for an employer to have a durable and standard lockout and tagging procedure in place when machines and equipment are being maintained and serviced.

The method of applying labels to tags with a grommet reinforcement and handwriting information on the tag lead to errors, inefficiencies, and potential safety hazards. 

Huzzard Solution Design:

To ensure Dynegy exceeded OSHA standard 1910.147, Huzzard deployed its proven LockOut TagOut (LOTO) print on-demand system, which included:

  • Huzzard #3400 synthetic tag material with 50 lb+ pull-strength
  • Huzzard XS366 scratch and smudge resistant ribbon formulation
  • Zebra Industrial Thermal Transfer printer
  • Huzzard app development and tag design compatible with the eSOMS software print module


The ability to create clearance tags through the eSOMS software print module is a huge labor savings. The two-step process of “building” tags with a laser printed label and applying to a tag with grommet reinforcement was eliminated. The two-step process was also subject to error.

In addition to the timesaving and improvement in accuracy, Dynegy was able to expand the Clearance Tag print on-demand concept to a variety of tag types including:


The Buzz about Huzz:

Huzzard provided an evaluation printer for testing network communications and to help optimize the tag design. Huzzard demonstrated its expertise in tag design by offering the tags in roll form, or, fan-fold, and, directed Dynegy on a number of other design options including various punch hole sizes for hanging the tags on a variety of equipment.

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