Warehousing Management

Make the Move to a Modern Warehouse

Automatic Data Collection

Equip your warehouse with the leading enterprise Android warehouse devices and:

  1. Track inventory every step of the way.
  2. Perform efficient packing and loading.
  3. Empower your workers with modern technology.
  4. Improve overall accuracy and timeliness of warehouse data.

Labels and Signage

From refreshing your warehouse labels and signs to developing complex, innovative solutions, our warehouse team has the design and production expertise to handle all of your warehouse labeling concerns.

The Huzzard team will work alongside you to ensure that all of specifications are met. We will provide strategies and ideas throughout the entire process.

Bring us your challenges and let us guide you through the label and sign installation process.

Software and Reporting

Performing counts are essential, however, manually counting takes time as well as a lot of resources.

Huzzard’s software solutions for Warehousing help manage your inventory in real time, keeping an accurate count and location of everything from raw materials to finished goods.

Huzzard has a long standing relationship with Zebra Technologies. Together, we provide your organization the best in data capture and data presentation solutions that result in loyal customers and organizational growth.

Modernizing your warehouse finally got easier

Automate the processing of outbound and inbound shipments in a addition to taking your inventory.

Accomplish more work with fewer workers, while still ensuring quality.

Quickly access accurate reports via any device with a browser and Internet connection.

Get real-time visibility into accurate inventory counts and locations, and order fulfillment dates.

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