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Meister Cheese – Muscoda, WI


As this family owned cheese company in rural Southwestern Wisconsin continued to grow, they realized that they had an inventory tracking problem. Custom warehouse management software was in place along with mobile computers that a previous supplier was not supporting. Existing mobile computers did not have the capacity to scan the heights or distances needed in close quarters. How were they to keep track of the tons of cheese produced and stored in dry storage vs. the three refrigerated warehouse areas on premise? With inventory locations constantly changing and a growing number of inventory SKUs – what would be the best way to integrate a solution with the existing software? 

Huzzard Solution Design:

Each warehouse location is identified with a unique code imbedded in a linear barcode. Special locator 2D barcodes identify specific warehouse locations. Labels are printed as needed when inventory locations change and a removable adhesive allows for a clean look when removing old locator labels and applying new ones.

Huzzard Solution Components:

  • Application Development
    • Multiple solutions were developed by Huzzard to test at the plant – to determine which solution would work best for the company.
    • Meister cheese was able to choose between Horizonal and Vertical labels, determine whether or not adhesive backed vs magnetic locators would work best for their unique situation.
    • Formats were developed to include multiple location identifiers along with precise locators down to the exact pallet position on the shelf in each aisle of each storage location.
  • Hardware/Software
    • Extended Range Barcode Scanners
      • Replaced existing Standard Range Scanners which were recycled for use in the company’s retail operations.
    • Thermal Transfer printer
    • Seagull Scientific/Bartender label design Software
  • Media
    • Custom sized Polyester Labels with specialized adhesive designed for easy removal.
    • Wax/Resin Ribbon designed to withhold in abrasive environments where boxes or pallets come in contact with each other.
  • Services
    • Systems analysis and design
    • Custom Template design for location labels
    • Programming & Application Development
    • Certified Zebra printer repair


  • With onsite printing capabilities, Meister Cheese can produce new location labels as soon as a change is required.
  • Meister received technology cost savings by using their older mobile computers on a new project/department that did not need the advanced technology necessary in the manufacturing warehouse.
  • Huzzard remains in constant contact with Meister supporting media and equipment needs.

The Buzz about Huzz:

Huzzard’s ability to listen to customer concerns and pain points allows them to ask the key questions necessary to come up with solutions directed to the customers unique needs. Huzzard does not believe that there is a one size fits all solution and offers multiple options to fit the customers needs.



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