Brady V4500 Programmable Barcode Scanner

For Manufacturing and Warehouse Environments


Code® and Brady® have teamed up to bring you the rugged Brady V4500 Programmable Barcode Scanner—with a fast and seamless data capture experience. Streamline data capture and automate your workflows with ease and accuracy.

Main Features

  • High-speed, omnidirectional barcode scanning made simple
  • Ideal for inventory management, kit verification, scan and print, and packout applications
  • Proprietary CortexDecoder® technology easily reads codes on any tiny, shiny, or curvy surface
  • Automated keyboard device and dynamic user interface let you go from setup to first scan in seconds
  • Data parsing feature sorts data exactly how you want—start with a simple scan and easily connect to the cloud and your ERP system
  • Withstands 6′ drops (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Inductive-charging battery lasts a full shift with over 75,000 scans
Brady V4500 Programmable Barcode Scanner for Manufacturing and Warehouse environments.
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