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Healthcare data collection made easy

The Code Corp CR1500 cabled barcode scanner is perfect for healthcare workflows. It is built with PVC-free, healthcare grade disinfectant ready plastics, which means it will stand up to the harshest chemicals. The CR1500 can read any healthcare barcode symbology.

Healthcare grade battery backup cases for the mobile clinician

Your phone never has to leave its case to be charged because your iPhone battery never delpetes. When the CR7000 battery case runs low, quickly swap batteries and stay on the move. Perfect for the mobile clinician that wants to protect their mobile device and keep it running through long shifts.

Wireless barcode scanning for every healthcare application

Wireless scanners with inductive charging purposely built for healthcare. Pre-programmed to integrate with popular Healthcare programs like Epic, Cerner, McKesson and more. PVC free and the most infection control friendly scanner you will ever use.

Huzzard Systems has a long standing relationship with Code Corporation. Together, we provide data capture technologies for the healthcare industry technologies that result in better patient experiences.

CR2700/CR2600 Healthcare Barcode Scanners

We know Healthcare is a fast paced, stressful environment. That’s why at Huzzard we strive to take your pain points and mitigate them with technological solutions.

Code Corporation’s CR2700 and CR2600 series barcode scanners are perfect for the Healthcare market. Utilize the benefits of CodeCorp scanning with their fast and accurate dual optics scan engines, customizable programming, multiple activation buttons for different actions, and CodeShield® for increased resistance to disinfectant and cleaning supplies to ensure your CR2700 lasts as long as possible.

Replicate Barcoded Labels without the need of a PC

If you are looking for an efficient way to replicate or produce barcoded labels in your lab or healthcare facility without having to use a PC, you’ll be thrilled to hear about Huzzard’s Scan and Print solution.

Components of the Scan and Print solution include:

  • Custom Scan and Print program for generating your printed label format and optimal pairing of the printer and scanner.
  • Zebra Barcode Scanner.
  • Zebra Printer.
  • Blank Labels.
  • A barcode to be replicated from an existing test tube, lab report, or, file folder.

A common use case for Scan and Print is reprinting a patient ID barcoded test tube label to label additional lab samples.

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