Fitness Clubs

Improving Member Experiences with Technology

Member Check-in and Check-out

Our custom programmed barcode scanners allow your members to start their workout on the right foot with a quick and easy scan of their barcoded key tag. Yes, our scanners have the ability to scan through clear plexiglass.

Automated Door Access Control

Control and track who is entering your fitness club. Our weatherized, cost effective door access control kit will interact with your club management software, regulating when members and employees are able to enter your facility.

Overall Dimensions: 4.7″H x 3.0″W x 2.2″D

Mobile Inventory Tracking Solution

Streamline inventory tracking and management with the custom developed Mobile Inventory App that integrates with ABC Financial DataTrak and other leading fitness club management programs. Lose the clipboard and calculator and begin to enjoy accurate inventory data.

Huzzard Data Systems has long standing relationships with leading software companies like ABC Financial and 365 Member Access. Together, we provide your club data capture technologies that result in better member experiences.

Tracking Your Inventory Has Never Been Easier

If you spend lots of time walking around with a clipboard or laptop taking inventory and find costly mistakes are being made, the Huzzard/ABC Financial HSTA-209 Mobile Inventory Solution is the answer to your problem.

After taking inventory on the mobile computer that comes pre-installed with the app, a file is exported to ABC Financial’s DataTrak program, ensuring a streamlined inventory management process.

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Automated Membership Registration

Having a large and accurate customer database is an amazing thing for your club, your community, and your profits!

But, collecting the new member information during the registration process by manually inputting the data into the corresponding fields can take a long time, is not very private and has a high probability of error. All resulting in a poor first impression on your new member.

Instead, ask for their drivers license, scan the barcode, and watch the magic of drivers license parsing commence by transferring the data automatically into the respective fields. No manual data entry. No mistakes and a great first impression!

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