Contact-free Check-in and Check-out

USB Barcode Reader


With motion activation sensing, barcodes presented 3 inches to 4 inches from scanner are read hands-free.

If the need ever arises to scan large, heavy, bulk items, you have the option to press the trigger on top of the scanner.

On-Screen Barcodes

Quickly reads barcodes from Smartphone screens.

Also, easily reads barcodes on mobile device screens, keytags, and other sources.

Lightweight and small

Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design.

You will also enjoy the small footprint; keeping your check-in and check-out area clean and tidy.

Audible and Visual Feedback

User feedback with programmable LED and audible tone good read indicators.

Efficient and reliable

Never have to worry about the scanner dying since it efficiently uses power from your computer’s USB port.

Plug and Play

You don’t have to worry about a difficult setup. The HSRF-500 works as soon as it plugs into your computer.

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