Programmable Barcode Scanners

Customized programmable scanners that provide flexibility and efficiency.

Huzzard’s Programmable Barcode Scanners eliminate manual data entry, improve accuracy, and save time.

Our Read & Feed™ solutions are being used in Fitness Clubs, Law Enforcement agencies, Healthcare facilities, and other organizations across the United States and Canada.

Simplify customer account set up. Whether signing customers in or signing them up, Read & Feed™ takes the work out of the process, while saving time and eliminating data entry errors. Did we mention it works with your existing software?

Your customers will love it—they no longer have to spell out their last name, or their street address, for anyone to hear within ear shot. Read & Feed™ is a fastaccurate, and private way to enter first time customer data into your system. Our scanner will also work as a Point of Sale, inventory, or access control scanner.

Just let us know what your manual data entry process is and we will make sure your Read & Feed™ scanner does the same plus more!

Fitness Clubs

Common Applications

  • Driver’s License Data Parsing
  • New and Existing Member Check-In
  • Point of Sale (POS) Functionality


  • Quick, accurate, and private member registration.
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexibility in terms of device communication and the technology they want to implement.

Learn more about how Huzzard helped Planet Fitness.

Law Enforcement

Common Applications

  • Automated Driver’s License Data Input
  • Evidence Tracking


  • Eliminate manual entering of drivers license data.
  • Significantly reduce the time of traffic stops.
  • Keep your eyes on the action – not the keyboard!
  • Compliant with AAMVA standards.

Learn more about how Huzzard helped Hartford Police Department.


Common Applications

  • Asset Tracking
  • Custom On-Demand Printing


  • Increase workflow efficiency and accuracy.
  • Custom programming and application development.
  • Systems analysis and design.

Learn more about how Huzzard helped Miller Electric.

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Drivers License Data Parsing

Under one of our trademarked solutions, Read & Feed™Huzzard provides an automated drivers license data parsing solution that interfaces with popular RMS Programs like TraCS, Titan, Spillman, and more, that are resident on the patrol vehicle laptops. The hardware component is a puck size scanner that reads the 2D PDF417 barcodes found on the back of United States drivers licenses that comply with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) standard. The barcode is decoded, data is parsed, and desired fields in respective program are populated.  One this data is collected, the law enforcement officer has the option of generating an e-citation.

Common use case for Drivers License barcode parsing in addition to use case in law enforcement:

  • New member registration at Fitness & Wellness Clubs – save time, improving accuracy of information collected, and adds a layer of  privacy by not having to verbalize personal information.


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