Mobile Inventory Tracking Solution

Inventory counts made easy and accurate


When hardware and software live in harmony you have one less tech support issue to deal with. The HSTA-209 comes pre-programmed to work seamlessly with the ABC Financial DataTrak program. After taking inventory on the mobile computer that comes pre-installed with the app, a file is exported to ABC Financial’s DataTrak program ensuring a streamlined inventory management process. Able to integrate with other programs as long as they allow importing of files.


The HSTA-209 solution is as simple as 1, 2, 3:
1. Scan SKU barcodes on inventory items.
2. Enter quantities by utilizing touch screen controls.
3. Connect the HSTA-209 to your PC with the DataTrak program and the file of the inventory data you have collected is automatically exported to DataTrak.
Prevent costly mistakes by not having to deal with hand written information and outdated spreadsheet programs.


Manual data collection and handwritten information is inherent to errors. After utilizing the HSTA-209 mobile inventory solution you will see your inventory levels and re-order points become more accurate. Accurate inventory levels result in more turns of your inventory and other cost savings outcomes because you have what you need, when you need it.


5 1/4″ durable gorilla glass full touch display for quick, accurate, and responsive use.


Long lasting 3000mAh battery to last all day with rapid charging capabilities. Charge from 0-100 is 4 hours.


Even when the internet gives out, the HSTA-209 doesn’t. Continue collecting inventory in dead spots or without internet at all.

Branded Device

Make the HSTA-209 yours with the ability to have the app branded with your club colors and logo. *


As strong as your members with a rugged design that is resistant to multiple drops of up to 4 feet to cement.

1D/2D Barcode Scanner

High quality built in scanner that guarantees fast, accurate inventory collection. Never again worry about ordering incorrect stock.


Variety of accessories including hand straps for comfortable holding, trigger handles for heavy use, extended battery for nearly doubling battery life, and much more.

ABC DataTrak

One of a kind custom integration with DataTrak to import collected inventory as easy as 1, 2, 3.

*Subject to approval.

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