Application Development

Leverage custom apps to drive process improvement

Custom Software

We can turn your biggest software dreams into reality.

Out custom software and application development supports Android and Windows development, API Integration, web app creation and modification, and much more!

Driver License Parsing Customization

Use driver license parsing whenever you need to enter someone’s personal data to save on time and prevent mistakes.

Our team will gladly work with you to create a custom driver license parsing program to work with any software.

Custom Label Development

Get the most out of your labels with our Label Development Customization and Support.

We will custom produce label templates for your company that will improve accuracy and efficiency.


Application Development Capabilities

  • Android Development
  • Windows Development
  • API Integration
  • Web Apps
  • Custom Reporting
  • Cloud Storage/Communication


Info on Demand

Info On Demand (IoD) is custom produced software for manufacturing




What is Info on Demand?

IoD is a family of custom produced software for manufacturing.

With IoD, manufactures now have the ability to receive live updates and data about products that are currently being, or, previously produced on the production line.

Get the granular data you have been looking for out of IoD by breaking data down by district, line, workstation, or product type.

Learn more about IoD



Data Capture

Mobile computers are used to scan temporary AUN labels that are used to track the product until they are assigned a serial number.

This collected data is broken down by multiple variables to allow you to see only the data you want.

  • Automated Reporting Categorization
    • District Unit
    • Production Line
    • Production Workstation
    • Product
    • Employee
  • Rework


Informative Reporting

Run reports for only the data you are looking for. Our custom reports are perfect for line balancing with the ability to view reports by product type, workstation, assembly line, timeframe, by shift, and plenty others.

Digital Documents

  • Scan to See correct Document
  • Document Checklist
  • Document Searching
  • Document File Browser
  • File Security
  • Automatic Document Revision Backups
  • Cloud Storage

Custom Driver License Parsing Application Development

Increase Productivity and Accuracy with Automated Data Entry with Driver License Parsing


Why Driver License Parsing?

Automate any member/user data info input with our driver license parsing that is custom produced for whatever software you use. Save time all while preventing costly mistakes.

Interface with any Record Management System program

A very popular use-case for our custom driver license parsing is with law enforcement record management systems.

In car, in office, or anywhere else, we have a solution for your department.


Scanner Interfacing with Record Management System Program



Custom Label Solution Application Development

Nicelabel Label Cloud

Label Cloud by NiceLabel allows all of your label templates to be stored in the cloud for easy access, anywhere you are.

Label Cloud also allows for your label templates to be customized and modified remotely to your liking with ease.



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