Driver License Parsing Scanner

Perfect for Law Enforcement or Member Registration

Huzzard Driver License Parsing Scanner

Driver License Parsing allows for the capture of data and direct input into the software of your choice. Scan the barcode and watch the data automatically fill into the designated field in your software. We will custom produce driver license parsing to fit your custom needs!
**Can be used for both member registration or law enforcement.

Main Features

  • Compatible – our customizable software is designed to work seamlessly with all sorts of software including, but not limited to, DataTrak, Peak Payment, Ignite, and Titan.
  • Reduces Errors – eliminates the potential of typing incorrect information into both registration forms and police database forms
  • Use Anywhere – use in a dark squad car without the need to turn on lights or hold a flashlight when entering information
  • Customized – designed to fill in forms with customized parsing programs created specifically for you. Communication settings are also customizable
  • Speed – designed to be the best 100% first read rate scanner on the market
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