Data Collection Devices for the Modern Warehouse

Durable and Reliable


Large, responsive touch screen displays make the devices easy for workers to use.


Long battery life is necessary for all day use. That’s why Zebra devices support 8+ hours of use, along with expandable or hot-swappable battery packs.


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC. Any connectivity you need are available on Zebra devices


Don’t let one drop stop you in your tracks. Zebra rugged devices support multiple drops to cement from 4-8ft.

Integrated Scanners

Zebra mobile computers feature integrated, high quality,  1D/2D scanner engines that allow for barcodes to be scanned from long or far, and any symbology.


Variety of accessories including hand straps for comfortable holding, trigger handles for heavy use, extended battery for nearly doubling battery life, and much more.

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