Law Enforcement Case Study – Hartford P.D.

Driver license Barcode scanner

Hartford Police Department – Hartford, WI


When patrol officers are in the field enforcing laws and protecting their city, county, and state jurisdictions, they are required to gather data quickly, accurately and safely. Gathering data in a patrol vehicle comes with a unique set of challenges. The process of running background checks and issuing warning or violation tickets is often inefficient, inaccurate, and unsafe.

Hartford Police department was interested in improving their process for running vehicle registration and drivers license queries. Poor lighting and manual data entry were challenges to collecting data that often lead to errors and increased the time it took to process demographic and background information. 

Huzzard Solution Design:

Under the umbrella of one of its trademarked solutions, Read & Feed™, Huzzard designed an automated drivers license data parsing solution that interfaced with TraCS and eTime software solutions resident on the patrol vehicle laptops.

The hardware component was a puck size scanner that could read the 2D PDF417 barcodes found on the back of United States drivers licenses that comply with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) standard.

Huzzard developed an app specifically for Hartford that allowed the patrolman to switch between the two different program interfaces by simply scanning a barcode. The app also involved parsing the data from the drivers license 2D barcode and transmitting the data to the proper field in the TraCS or eTime program. 


Quick, accurate and safe.   The Huzzard Read & Feed™ solution eliminated manual keying of info which led a significant decrease in the time it took to enter data accurately. Not having to stare at a keyboard or laptop screen while typing allowed the officer to keep a focus on people and the environment connected with the stop. Traffic crashes involving multiple parties are now much easier to handle. The numerous benefits set the stage for having Huzzard Read & Feed™ drivers license scanners in all Hartford Police Department patrol vehicles.

The Buzz about Huzz:

“The fact that Huzzard’s Read & Feed™ solution works in conjunction with TraCS, and, Huzzard can program the scanner to interface with popular software like HTE SunGard, Spillman, Premier and New World, make it one of the best safety and time saving devices to come along in quite awhile.”

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