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Contact information is essential for ongoing relationships. Having a means to acquire the initial information quickly and accurately can present a challenge.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has over 600 organizations that students can join after they arrive on campus. There are also a multitude of academic related events a student can choose to attend. Often the organization a student joins, or, the event a student chooses to attend, reflect a lifetime interest.

Organizations on campus and University sponsored events were collecting attendee contact information by having attendees manually write their name and e-mail on a sheet of paper. The information was often hard to read or inaccurate and sometimes unusable. The process undermined the objective of staying connected with the attendee after the meeting or event.

Huzzard Solution Design:

In conjunction with the University of Wisconsin – Madison Center for Leadership Involvement (CfLI), Huzzard developed a solution called Trackology 101™.

Trackology 101™ utilizes the students existing student ID number encoded on their student ID card, a key fob size barcode scanner, a companion software for editing data collected on the scanner, and a web app for uploading the data and communicating with the Registrar.

After scanning the student ID barcodes of the students attending the meeting or event, the data is exported from the scanner into an Excel spreadsheet, or uploaded to the companion desktop software for editing. Once the data is resident on the Excel spreadsheet, the data is transferred to the web portal where the information is shared with the Registrar who then responds with the complete contact information.


The Trackology 101™ solution proved to be a very cost effective and reliable means in helping provide complete student contact information. Organizations and Departments are now in a position to stay in touch with the student throughout their time on campus and beyond. Staying connected can prove to very valuable for both the student and the University as both grow and have a need to share information and resources.

The Buzz about Huzz:

It’s one thing to offer a device. It is another thing to offer a device and give it intelligence and functionality that integrates seamlessly with programs already in place and improve a process that will provide a positive impact for years to come. That is Huzzard’s Trackology 101™!

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