Welcome to Huzzard Systems' Barcode Scanning System

Real People. Real Solutions. Huzzard Systems.

Welcome to Huzzard Systems.

We’re glad you’re here! Huzzard Systems is proud to be a recognized, solutions-oriented company in Appleton, Wisconsin focused on process improvement.  Huzzard integrates a variety of components into every solution including:  barcode printing, barcode scanning system, barcode labeling system and application development services. 

We are exceptionally good at delivering solutions that involve real-time visibility of product and customer information, on-demand printing of labels, and mobile computing.

With over 35 years of experience, our staff is well equipped to increase productivity and drive down costs within your company.

Lean Line Labeling™

Lean Line Labeling™ optimizes labeling on assembly lines through:

– Barcode & labeling applications 
– Vendor managed label inventory
– On-demand label printing

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Trackology 101™ – University ID Scanners

Scan the student ID barcode, download the ID numbers to your computer, export the numbers, copy and paste the numbers into a secure web app that forwards the numbers to your school’s registrar.  The registrar is able to respond with contact info corresponding to the student ID.  The beauty of the Huzzard Trackology 101™ solution is the basis for a relationship that begins with accurate contact info. It’s that simple.


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Read & Feed™

Entering and processing customer information has never been easier. Just scan the barcode on a drivers license, HIBC or GS1 barcode and our program will enter into any program requiring manual data entry.

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Why Huzzard?

We approach every project with a zest for finding the optimal solution. With over 35 years of barcode scanning and line labeling experience, we’ll challenge your current methods and develop custom solutions crafted to have a disruptive, positive impact on your organization.

We’ll also help you experience real-time visibility of product and customer information to help manage your data more efficiently.  And, like you, we have a never ending desire to improve. Welcome to Huzzard Systems.

Real People. Real Solutions. Huzzard Systems.

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