Law Enforcement

Collect Data Fast and Accurately

Automated Driver License Data Entry

Save on time, money, and mistakes all while improving officer safety during traffic stops.

Finger printer station

Automated Data Entry for Fingerprint Software

Eliminate manual entry and mistakes while entering information into your fingerprinting software such as Safran. Simply scan the barcode on a driver’s license and watch the info populate the correct fields in seconds.

Evidence Room Asset Tracking

Keep track of all evidence acquired with ease. Never again find yourself asking where something had come from.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry While Using Safran Fingerprint Software

Similar to our in-vehicle driver’s license parsing app, use one of Huzzard’s customized configured barcode readers to automatically populate data fields in Safran Fingerprint Software for both Applicant and Criminal screens.

One scan of the barcode on the driver’s license and you are ready to take pictures and capture fingerprints.

Evidence Room Asset Tracking with Barcodes or RFID tags

Keep track of valuable evidence with our asset tracking for your evidence room. Gain the ability to quickly mark time, date, location acquired, and any other notes that are necessary to the related case.

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