Driver License Barcode Scanner

Make member registration a great first experience

Compatible with ABC DataTrak

When hardware and software live in harmony you have one less tech support issue to deal with. The HSRF-202 comes pre-programmed to work seamlessly with any software including the ABC Financial DataTrak program. After receiving your scanner, all you need to do is find a USB port on your computer and you are ready to start scanning member’s driver license barcodes and watch the data fields populate automatically.

Touchless, No Wait Check-in and Check-out

Members will be pleased with how quickly their check-in experience will be. The HSRF-202 barcode scanners offer exceptionally high first read rates. That means members simply present their barcoded key tag, or, barcode on Smartphone and within seconds they are on their way. Oh, and if your front desk now has a clear plexiglass shield for Covid-19 protection – the HSRF-202 touchless scanner can read through glass!

Versatile with no cost custom programming

You tell us specific communication settings and scanner behavior (like “delete % sign in barcode”) and we pre-program your unique settings at no extra cost. You also have a variety of accessories to improve productivity including:
– 8′ Straight USB cable
– Mount for tabletop.

Driver License Parsing

Never type new member information again with customized driver license parsing preventing any possible errors.

Touch-less Activation

After placing the members driver license under the HSRF-202, the scanner will automatically detect the barcode. No touch required.


User feedback with an audible tone and LEDs signaling a good read.

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