Info On Demand™

A simple solution
to multiple problems

Huzzard’s Info On Demand for Manufacturing software is tailor-made for your business providing meaningful information and data when you need it.  With several modules to pick from, you can focus on improving one area of your operations at a time.

  • Assembly Line – improve efficiency and performance
  • Quality Control – automate the non-conformance notice process
  • Document Sharing & Management – empower employees by providing up-to-date and easily accessible information

You select what you want based on your needs and objectives. By starting with one module and adding the others later, you can scale your solution without compromising your initial investment.

The Info On Demand app and backend program integrate seamlessly with all types of enterprise programs and intranet environments. IT staff involvement is minimal.

Quality Control module


  • Save time – Automate the Non-Conformance Notice generation process.  Eliminate daily walking around on the plant floor and manually collecting each notice.
  • Improve accuracy -Assign who can generate the NCN, who can approve, and what information is required to complete the NCN.
  • Save more time – Generate the NCN on the plant floor with mobile computer and bluetooth printer.  Attach synthetic tag to product or products on the spot.
  • Promote quicker resolution and better communication with suppliers – Readable NCNs with accurate information will result in having the correct parts and materials on your floor in the fastest time possible.
  • Manage quality control (better)- Enjoy data and reports that can be imported into your current Quality Control Program and set the stage for overall improvement in quality and production.

Document Sharing and Management module


  • Access up-to-date information easily for Build instructions and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Decrease errors and decrease accidents.
  • Improve efficiency and potentially saves lives.
  • Dramatically reduce costs related to reprinting and updating printed documents
  • On-the-floor training aid.
  • Web analytics produces data showing usage, frequency, date and time, and location.
  • Smart tablet can also be used for easy access to other documents pertinent to the equipment and work area:

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Backend - Control Admin, Access and Sharing

This is where the magic happens.

For instance, in the Assembly Line module you control users of the app and set-up employees, product type, assembly lines and data collection stations.  After the data is collected, it is compiled and can be exported.  You can slice and dice like the data chef you aspired to be.  If you want to share with business analytics folks and business intelligent aficionados, have at it.

Whatever the Info On Demand module, the information in its final form will be meaningful, real-time, and allow proactive management.  Your business will improve.



From Fortune 500 companies to local startups.