Standard Operating Procedures

SOP meet IOD

Improve how you create, update and share Standard Operating Procedures.

If the information is in a manual, binder, file cabinet or on a PC across the room, let Huzzard help you digitize the info and store it in the cloud or on your server.

Info on Demand™ solution for Standard Operating Procedures means fast, safe, and easy access to the important information. Here is how it works.

An employee notices a problem with a piece of equipment. The employee needs to get a copy of the SOP.

Instead of walking to a PC, or grabbing a binder with hard copy SOPs, the employee walks to an IOD kiosk near the equipment and grabs a Smart tablet connected to the cloud.

The employee takes the tablet and locates an IOD access label located on the equipment. The employee scans the QR code, or, taps the NFC inlay on the IOD access label.


An electronic version of the SOP appears on the screen of the tablet within seconds.

The employee follows the SOP process; safely and assuredly.

The employee returns the Smart tablet to the IOD kiosk.


  • Easy access to SOPs 24/7.
  • Decrease injuries and accidents.
  • Potentially save lives.
  • Dramatically reduce costs related to reprinting and updating printed documents.
  • On-the-floor training aid.
  • Web analytics produces meaningful data showing usage, frequency, date and time, and location.
  • Smart tablet can also be used for easy access to SDS documents and other documents pertinent to the equipment and work area.

Components of the Huzzard Info on Demand™ solution for SOP

  • Application Development
    • Authentication and Log-in sequence
    • Connecting to local server or web based
  • Info On Demand™ access labels
    • NFC inlay and/or QR Code for each SOP, or, each piece of equipment
    • Each  NFC Inlay and/or QR Code encoded with appropriate URL (web page destination) for access to the electronic (digitized) version of document.
  • Hardware
    • Smart Tablet or other type of handheld device capable of connecting to the Internet
  • Accessories
    • Wall mount or pedestal to mount and charge tablet
    • Shoulder strap
    • Stylus
    • Operation case
  • Services – A la Cart Services offered by Huzzard for designing, deploying and supporting the solution
    • Creation, maintenance, and hosting of portal and website housing the electronic documents.
    • Repository (storage) of the electronic documents
    • Version updates
    • Analysis of current creation, approval, publishing and editing process


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“Huzzard Systems was the key player in our transition to generating serial number labels on-demand on our production lines. Their knowledge of label materials, barcode technologies, printing, programming and systems integration is outstanding“

— Production Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer.

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