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Digital Documents

Empower and engage employees by providing up-to-date and easily accessible information.

  • Access and easily update documents like Non-Conformance Notices, Work Orders, Build instructions and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Dramatically reduce costs related to reprinting and updating printed documents.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Eliminate errors.
  • Improve communication with suppliers.
  • Decrease accidents.
  • Use as an On-the-floor training aid.
  • Web analytics produces data showing usage, frequency, date and time, and location.
  • Smart tablet can also be used for easy access to other documents pertinent to the equipment and work area:

On Demand Printing

If you’ve been using pre-printed box labels and serial number labels, switching to print-on-demand labels will offer a significant reduction in waste and costs.

We will show you how to link your SKU numbers to information in a database and generate both dynamic and static information on-demand.

Encode data like the serial number in a barcode and began an electronic paper trail.

We work with a variety of platforms and databases to provide a seamless transition from pre-printed labels to labels printed right on your production lines.

Inventory Control

Track consumption and calculate quantity on-hand automatically with in a modern, paperless manner.

  • Automated data collection and modernization principles deliver a paperless solution for collecting data.
  • Confidently track consumption of materials and quantity on-hand.
  • Decrease waste of valuable materials.
  • Reduce Cost of Goods sold.
  • Outcome is a more streamlined and profitable operation.

Asset Tracking

Real-time data and information connected to physical assets.

  • Accessibility to real-time data and information about physical assets ensures correct set-up and optimal operation of equipment instructions.
  • Accurate Service History of the physical asset helps you decide quickly if the equipment should be repaired or replaced.

Info on Demand

Info On Demand is a production environment tool that can assist with meeting and exceeding company goals and objectives by delivering crafted data and information – data and info that is timely, useful and impactful.

Assembly Line Balancing module:

    • Improve efficiency and performance
    • You control users of the app and set-up employees, product type, assembly lines and data collection stations.
    • After the data is collected, it is compiled and can be exported.
    • You can slice and dice like the data chef you aspired to be.
    • If you want to share with business analytics folks and business intelligent aficionados, have at it.

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