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Automating and modernizing your production floor

Automated Data Collection and Reporting

A is for Automated.

Analyzing and proactively utilizing data and efficient processes can be a huge competitive edge fro your organization.

If your daily output depends on accurate, on demand information to foresee potential problems before they happen and quickly resolve those that do, Huzzard’s Info On Demand ™ solutions will help you make an impact.

Print On Demand and Barcode label design

B is for Barcode.

Does your organization have a goal of streamlining the creation and printing of barcoded labels and tags connected to your production process?

Integrating barcoded serial number labels, Work In Process labels and Shipping labels with your current ERP system is achievable.

Compliance Labeling and Decals

C is for Compliance.

Sometimes it makes sense to pre-print UL, CSA, AGA, ANSI Z535 safety labels and other compliance decals based on durability and graphic requirements.

Overlay decals and nameplates can be functional and decorative, and, must be designed to last.

We understand the importance of material selection and utilize materials from the leading label material and ink manufacturers in the world including 3M and Flexcon.

Huzzard has a long standing relationship with Zebra Technologies. Together, we provide your organization the best in data capture and data presentation solutions that result in loyal customers and organizational growth.

Balancing your production line finally got easier

Automate your assembly line data collection process and for the first time, make proactive decisions to improve efficiency and performance based on real-time data.

Quickly access accurate reports via any device with a browser and Internet connection.

Easily generate custom reports with granular information.

Replicate Barcoded Labels without the need of a PC

If you are looking for an efficient way to replicate or produce barcoded labels in your lab or healthcare facility without having to use a PC, you’ll be thrilled to hear about Huzzard’s Scan and Print solution.

Components of the Scan and Print solution include:

  • Custom Scan and Print program for generating your printed label format and optimal pairing of the printer and scanner.
  • Zebra Barcode Scanner.
  • Zebra Printer.
  • Blank Labels.
  • A barcode to be replicated from an existing test tube, lab report, or, file folder.

A common use case for Scan and Print is reprinting a patient ID barcoded test tube label to label additional lab samples.

$1,449.00 plus shipping

Learn how IoD can improve your Manufacturing Facility

Download the IoD booklet to find different ways Info on Demand can improve your Manufacturing efficiency.

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