Scan and Print Models

Barcode Replication without a Computer

Scan and Print Standard

The standard Scan and Print solution for budget barcode replication. This solution is perfect for manufacturing and warehousing/logistics.

Scan and Print Healthcare

Same settings and options as our standard Scan and Print solution, with equipment that is ready for the healthcare field. The healthcare variant includes a disinfectant safe exterior to keep your equipment sanitary for a long time to come.

What is Scan and Print?

Scan and Print is an advanced yet simple solution to barcode replication;
Without the use of any external computer. Scan and Print is perfect for manufacturing, warehousing, and healthcare fields where a computer is not available.


Applications Manufacturing include:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Serial Number labels created on demand
  • Quality Control
  • Rework Production Tracking
  • More!


Applications in Warehousing include:

  • Quick Inventory Label Creation
  • Asset Tracking


Applications in Healthcare:

  • Test Tube Labeling
  • Patient Bracelet Label Production
  • Med Tracking

How Does it work?

Scan and Print was created with two things in mind. Fast and Easy. Two different modes are offered for your convenience.

Single Print Mode

Single print mode allows for a single barcode label to be created. To create a single replicated barcode label, simply select the single mode and scan the barcode you would like to replicate.
Just like that, your scanned barcode has been created with the template that was custom created for you!

Multi-Print Mode

Multi-Print Mode allows for a selected amount of labels to be produced, with only two scans.
After ensuring the scanner is in multi-print mode, scan the barcode you would like to reproduce, then scan the barcode that is listed with the amount of barcodes you would like to produce. This quantity can be anywhere between 1-999.

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