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Top 5 Ways to Maximize the Performance of Your Zebra Printer

Once you’ve made the investment of purchasing a Zebra printer, you will want to make sure you utilize all the features it has. You will want to learn how to properly care for your printer in order to maximize your use. With years of experience, and a few Certified Zebra Printer Repair Specialists on our team, Huzzard Systems knows exactly how to help you do that.

5 Ways to Maximize the Performance of Your Zebra Printer

  1. Make sure you clean your printer after every ribbon roll.
  2. Use the appropriate media/quality consumables (labels, ribbons, etc.)
  3. Optimize your settings to match your media. There are three key settings on your Zebra printer that you should be aware of: Darkness, Speed, and for industrial printers, Printhead Pressure.
  4. Understand the potential of your Zebra printer. Zebra printers are extremely versatile. For example, you can add cutters, put in a continuous mode, use a fan fold vs. a roll form, and even use a variety of different materials, such as synthetic tag stock.
  5. You can manage your printer remotely.

Cleaning your printer after every ribbon roll can ensure not only quality prints on your next project, but it can extend the life of your printer up to 3 million inches and beyond. Huzzard Systems has created this step-by-step video on how to properly clean your printhead.


Using the appropriate media and matching the correct media and ribbon to your application can save you time, money, and resources. If they mismatch, that can lead to the ink rubbing off the label.

Ensuring that the pressure on the printhead is balanced that ensure a clean, even print. If the pressure is unbalanced, your print can be faded on either the left or right side. If your darkness is set too high or too low, the barcode ANSI grade may be too low, and it may result in an un-scannable barcode. You can find out more about how to fix these issues here.

You can manage your printer remotely using Zebra Virtual Printware, and keep track of when, how, and where each card is printed. This gives you complete visibility and control over your print jobs.



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