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Tiered Read & Feed™ for Law Enforcement

Up until now, we’ve only offered Read & Feed™, the automatic data entry scanner made specifically for law enforcement that reads the barcode on driver’s licenses and directly enters it into a variety of law enforcement software, available in a one-size fits all solution.  The Classic solution features the ability to connect to any number of the following popular programs:

  • eTime
  • HTE SunGard
  • New World
  • Premier MDC
  • Pro Phoenix
  • Spillman
  • Spillman Mobile
  • TraCS 7.3
  • Vision RMS
  • Your in-house software

While this makes for a robust offering,  we found that many departments on really needed to enter data into one or two of these programs.  We found that if we get rid of the screen required for more intricate data entry and moved to the simplified Code CR1000 Barcode Scanner, we could drop the price from $799 for the classic version of Read & Feed™ to just $399 for this new, Lite version.   Thought Read & Feed™ was out of your price range before?  Take a look at our new offering, more affordable than ever!

Visit the Read & Feed™ Page today to learn more about this exclusive offer!

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