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Info on Demand™

Windows mobile, Android, or iOS, we will develop and integrate an application that is easy to use and easy to support.

Documents in the Cloud

Providing easily accessible, timely, and accurate information to your customers and employees leads to many positive outcomes.

How easily accessible and accurate is the information connected to your Standard Operating Procedures, Owners Manuals or Circuit Diagram labels?

Offering an electronic cloud based document that is accessible 24/7,  and can be updated within hours versus weeks, will help you achieve a connection and information conduit that will:

  • Reduce waste
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve safety
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs

Common applications for transitioning from hard copy to electronic:

We will help you analyze the benefits of moving a document, or label, from hard copy to electronic.  We will address all elements of the transition including determining pain points, collecting information from all stakeholders, and defining project scope.

Complete system design including hardware, software, Info on Demand™ labels, support, hosting and updating, will help you start the highly beneficial move from hard copy to electronic cloud based documents.


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Overview of Huzzard Data Systems

Creating value through technology

“Huzzard Systems was the key player in our transition to generating serial number labels on-demand on our production lines. Their knowledge of label materials, barcode technologies, printing, programming and systems integration is outstanding“

— Production Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer.

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