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HSRF 502 First Read Rate Fix | Huzzard Data Systems

HSRF 502 First Read Rate Fix

Scanner Fails to Read Barcodes on First Attempt

When this problem occurs, it is most often due to the Firmware (FW) that is installed on the reader. The most common troublesome FW is v1292.

We recommend ensuring your reader’s firmware is up to date before exploring other troubleshooting options, or RMA.

To download the most recent version of the HSRF-500 firmware, go to https://ww2.codecorp.com/downloads.php, -> CR5000, -> CR5000 Firmware -> (Check) I agree -> Download Arrow.

The new version of Cortex Tools, Cortex Tools2 features an option called legacy firmware upgrade.

What this does is instead of downloading the file as one large chunk it will break it apart into smaller blocks of code.

Cortex Tools2 can be found on the code downloads page. Follow these steps to find it.

www.codecorp.com/downloads.php -> CR1500 or CR950 -> CortexTools2 -> (check) I agree -> Go through the process of downloading CortexTools2. Or click here.


Once complete, launch CortexTools2 and go to Options -> (check) always use legacy firmware upgrade.

Now, click this “Firmware Update Available” button to begin your download. You can check your current firmware here as well.


Remember, you must have your scanner unlocked before beginning this process in order for it to succeed.


If this button is not available, try downloading the firmware manually. Our guide is here.


Now you simply let the download and installation process complete.

Please note: Firmware is constantly being updated. Downloading directly through CODE is the only way to ensure you are getting the most recent version.

Still not working?  Contact us at 920-257-4357 and we will get your issue resolved.


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