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Production Count by Workstation Report

Maximize Efficiency by always staying up to date on production data at an assembly line by utilizing the Production Dashboard Report.

The Production Dashboard Report is a live chart for viewing up-to-date production data at an assembly line. Useful for both Admins to make informed decisions, and to motivate employees to reach their production goals.

Each assembly line has an individual Production Dashboard for convenient and automatic setup when production begins at the workstation for the day, preventing any additional interaction from Line Administrators.

Employee Efficiency Chart

The Employee Efficiency report allows you to track employee production time per workstation over a period of time. This is perfect when you want to see if employees are completing their tasks more efficiently over time.

Each time an employee completes an assembly or checklist at a workstation, a new Completed Assemblies data point will be added to the chart.

  • Time to Complete: The amount of time taken to complete a process at a workstation
  • Completed Assemblies: The index of the completed assembly from the data displayed

Employee Improvement Chart

The Employee Improvement Chart compiles the average amount of production time spent at a workstation.

This report allows you to set an interval of how frequently the employees production time will average.

This report is perfect for determining if new-hire employee production efficiency increases overtime at an expected rate.

  • Average Time to Complete: The average amount of time spent to complete a process
  • Record Date: The start date of the reported iteration

Cumulative Station Completion Time

Easily display long or short-term trends on how long it takes for processes to be completed at specific workstations. Data for all employees will be averaged for each workstation.

Useful for determining if process changes have made an impact on production times at workstations.

  • Total Time: The total amount of time recorded to complete a process at a workstation
  • Date Logged: The date when the data was collected

Cumulative Line Completion Times

Display the total average time it takes to complete a process across all workstations assigned to a line.

Each data point is the average amount of time it took to complete a process through the entire line for the recorded date.

  • Total Time: The average amount of time it took to complete a process across the entire line
  • Date Logged: The date the data points are collected and averaged

Station Details by Line

Quick and easily determine all production data for a specific line.

Each product type that is produced at the line will be displayed, along with metrics for each workstation assigned to the line.

If multiple product types are displaying after running the report, you can select the title of a product to show/hide the product data.

The totals row compiles the data from each workstation for the selected product type.

Station Average Time

When wanting to view specific data for a particular workstation, Station Average Time has you covered.

The Station Average Time report will breakdown an assembly line by its assigned workstations and show important metrics so you can make informed decisions.

  • Station: The workstation the table row is displaying data for
  • Total Time: The total amount of Poduction time at this workstation for the selected line and product type
  • Average Time: The average amount of time per assembly at the workstation
  • Completed Assemblies: The total amount of completed processes or checklists at the workstation

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