Knowing where assets are located is incredibly important to streamlining the operations of any organization. When you know their location, you are in a position to deliver excellence:

  • Materials are available when needed and manufacturing schedules are upheld.
  • Responding to customer order status inquiries becomes timely and accurate.
  • Quality Control is enhanced by the ability to take action when inferior materials are indentified.
  • Orders ship on time resulting in customer satisfaction and improved cash flow.

The payback for implementing an Asset Tracking system based on barcode technologies is quick and impactful. Your organization will wear a collective smile because you will experience on a continuous basis:

  • Reduced Waste.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved Customer satisfaction.

It’s no surprise that tracking assets more accurately and efficiently has been one of the more popular requests Huzzard receives in terms of improving processes within an organization.

And the good news, implementing an Asset Tracking system, driven by barcode technology does not have to be daunting. Huzzard will guide you through determining major pain points, collecting information from all stakeholders, defining project scope, and deploying the complete solution.

A typical Asset Tracking solution from Huzzard includes the following components:

  • Consultation to define pain points and project scope.
  • Application development. Software that integrates with your current Enterprise software.
  • Hardware
    • Barcode scanners
      • Corded and wireless
      • Ability to read 1D, 2D, and Direct Part Markings (DPM).
    • Mobile computers
      • Windows OS and Android OS
    • Barcode printers
      • Desktop, tabletop and portable
      • All-in-one printer / laminator / cutter
    • Media
      • A variety of standard paper or synthetic label facestocks with a wide range of adhesive options.
        • Harsh environment label and tag materials that withstand exposure to high heat, abrasion, chemicals, etc.
      • Thermal transfer ribbon formulas
    • Set-up
    • Training and Support

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“Huzzard Systems was the key player in our transition to generating serial number labels on-demand on our production lines. Their knowledge of label materials, barcode technologies, printing, programming and systems integration is outstanding“

— Production Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer.

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