Eliminate manual data entry. Reduce errors. Save time.

If you are manually entering data that is already encoded as a barcode (or could easily be encoded as barcode), impactful improvements to your data entry process are within reach.

Improvements that will result in elimination of errors, time savings, and a better customer experience.

Huzzard takes existing barcode technology and creates simple and elegant barcode scanning programs that streamline the data entry process.  We call it Read & Feed™.

If you do any of the following activities in your organization, you need to consider Read & Feed™

  • Manually enter customer information from a drivers license
  • Manually enter information from a Purchase order to receive goods
  • Manually enter information from a ID card or key tag

Huzzard’s drivers license barcode parsing app is one of our most popular Read & Feed™ apps.  Are you currently feeling the pain of transposing letters or numbers from a drivers license while manually entering the data?  Or, do you see your customers cringe (just a little bit) when they have to verbally share their personal information with everyone in ear shot as you ask them to share their name and address? Yes? Huzzard’s Read & Feed™ drivers license parsing app is for you.


Take a look at the Read & Feed eFormAutoFill video below


Eliminate manual data entry. Save time. Improve Accuracy.

Used by Fitness Centers & Law Enforcement agencies across the country

Benefits of automatic data entry and Huzzard’s Read & Feed™

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Improve accuracy
  • Enhance customers experiences
  • Save money
  • Increase revenue
  • Promote customer engagement
  • Seamlessly replaces keyboard data entry. Read & Feed™ works with any program that requires keyboard data entry.
  • Easy to implement. Programming is typically completed in 7-10 days
  • No risk trial. We will create your Read & Feed™ program and let you try before you buy.

Contact us now to arrange for a free consultation to determine if your manual data entry can be replaced with Huzzard’s Read & Feed™ .


“Huzzard Systems was the key player in our transition to generating serial number labels on-demand on our production lines. Their knowledge of label materials, barcode technologies, printing, programming and systems integration is outstanding“

— Production Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer.

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