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Read & Feed™ – Welcome to Simple

As we continue to introduce organizations to our Read & Feed™ solution, we keep hearing comments like, “that sure makes things easy” or, “wow, that was fast.”

When we develop apps here at Huzzard, we believe that impactful solutions don’t have to be complicated.  Our Read & Feed™  solution is elegant, yet simple to use.

What’s really exciting is the idea of having a solution that uses a barcode reader to parse data out of a very common piece of media like a driver’s license, and then auto populate the data into any electronic form. Our Read & Feed™ solution has many opportunities to improve processes in countless organizations.  Membership applications, loan applications, hunting license registration as well as insurance and hospital admittance forms are just a few of the common electronic forms that require millions of manual keystrokes everyday by individuals around the world. Read & Feed™ minimizes or eliminates those keystrokes.  The end result is time savings, accurate data, and a better customer experience (who doesn’t like an expedited registration process while not having to say and sometimes repeat – name, address, when you were born, etc.)

As far as the development process for your specific application, we make that piece painless and efficient too.  We often complete the programming in less than a week. Changes or enhancements are made in hours instead of days. We also supply demo equipment so you can do a complete test drive and show others in your organizations the gem you have found.

Read & Feed™ – Welcome to Simple

The next step is simple, give us a call at 920-2574357 or send us an e-mail to start experiencing your Read & Feed™ solution today!

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