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Primera LP130 Laser Marking System

By Gary Jahnke

I had the pleasure of visiting Primera Technology headquarters in Plymouth, MN recently to view firsthand Primera’s new LP130 Laser Marking System.  I came away impressed and full of ideas about how Huzzard can integrate this “category-creating” marking system with our customers needs for harsh environment and/or long-lasting labels.

I say “category-creating marking system” because for the first time, organizations will be able to generate ultra durable labels on-demand with a laser marking system that cost less than $20,000.  What do I mean by Ultra Durable?  Labels that need to last 15+ years indoors or outdoors.   In addition to moving the marking/etching equipment into a more justifiable dollar amount, users will enjoy all the benefits of traditional on-demand marking systems, but with longer lasting labels and without the need for applying a laminate after creating the label.

The Primera LP130 offers media on a roll, formats can be programmed with Seagull Scientific Bartender label design software, and labels or tags are generated in seconds with the laser diode based technology.

Currently,  many companies are forced to procure ultra durable labels as a pre-printed item from an outside source.  This method of buying is inefficient and expensive when compared to the ability to generate the labels in-house and on-demand.  This is especially true if there is variable information, like a serial number, on the label.  Pre-printed labels result in limited flexibility and lead to labels being wasted because of  last minute changes.

If not buying from an outside source, the companies that elect to create the labels in-house are often forced to invest in an elaborate marking system consisting of a thermal transfer printer, a roll of base label material, a roll of laminate, thermal transfer ribbon, flatbed die-cutter, and roll take-up mechanism.  A system like this cumbersome to operate and expensive to maintain.

The Primera LP130 eliminates all of the issues associated with pre-printed labels, and, replaces the elaborate marking system associated with thermal transfer technology.

Huzzard has several materials available to work with the LP130.  Two of the most popular are our #7001 and #7002.  Both materials are candidates for applications requiring  IUID, UL / CSA and other harsh environment applications.  Minimum application temperature is +4 degrees C.  Operating temps. are -60C to +200C. Typical applications are:

  • IUID Labels for U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-130N labeling requirements
  • UDI labels for asset tracking for medical devices according to FDA specifications
  • Asset Tags and Labels – to protect and identify valuable equipment and devices
  • Automobile Labels – for VIN and rating plates and under-hood use
  • Medical laboratory labels – Labels can be used anywhere from the freezer to the autoclave
  • Solar Panel labels – able to withstand outdoor stresses from wind, rain and UV light
  • Security labels – prevents the label from being removed and if attempted shows tamper-evidence
  • Harsh environment labels – outdoor weather conditions, repeated exposure to steam, water and chemicals.

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