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Laminating Printers – All in One

We’re proud to introduce laminating printers to our barcode label printer offering.  This is a big deal.  For years, companies have struggled to find a cost effective alternative to laser etching and manual application of a laminate to meet harsh environment requirements and other 3rd party agency standards like UL and CSA.

Our  partnership with Brother enables us to integrate a terrific solution for on-demand laminated labels.  We offer both the innovative Brother PT-9700PC and the Brother PT-9800PCN (with network capabilities).  Finally, you can do away with tedious multi-step laminated label production process, and consolidate your operation with these plug-in-and-go Brother printers.  Instead of the complicated media-changing process necessary for most thermal transfer printers on the market, these printers feature a cartridge solution, with all the media and ribbon located right in the cartridge.  No more wasting ribbon and label material to calibrate a thermal transfer printer, you simply drop the media cartridge into the Brother printer and you are ready to print.  It literally takes seconds to re-load the printer with media.  The cartridge contains the pressure sensitive label material, thermal transfer ribbon and clear laminate.  The perfect, simple solution!

Media is available in various widths and in a variety of pressure sensitive materials including white polyester and silver polyester.  UL and CSA recognized materials for indoor and outdoor use are available.  Contact Huzzard Systems for availability of other types pressure sensitive material compatible with the Brother Pt-9700 or PT-9800PCN.

Common applications include:  on-demand printed serial number labels, rating plate labels, product identification labels and asset labels.  If you are currently manually applying a laminate or struggling to find a thermal transfer image that will give you the longevity of label and printed image that you need, Huzzard’s new laminating printers is your answer.

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