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Huzzard Data Systems, a Process Improvement Company

“What does Huzzard Data Systems do?” is a question that I often hear from friends and family that are curious about my job. Sure, I could answer this question by listing the several products and services that we offer, but Huzzard is so much more than barcode scanners, driver’s license parsing, and on-demand printing systems. In reality, Huzzard is a process improvement company.

Now, what exactly does this mean? To answer this question, we must first define the term process improvement. Process improvement is a project management methodology in which a business takes in and analyzes data about about their processes. This data reveals the company’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to adjust their processes in a way that ensures continual improvement. This methodology is most commonly used within the manufacturing industry, but companies in any industry can benefit from process improvement strategies.

Here at Huzzard, we recognize that implementing a successful process improvement strategy can be daunting for many companies. Even if a company identifies the cause of their inefficiencies, finding and implementing a viable solution can prove to be very challenging. That’s where we come in. Each of our products have been created as solutions to common problems within their associated fields. For example, law-enforcement departments waste valuable time by manually typing in driver’s license information during traffic stops. We created driver’s license parsing scanners in response to this problem. These scanners automate the data entry aspect of traffic stops, allowing officers to get back out on patrol more quickly.

If you still don’t buy into the importance of process improvement, the following statistic may change your mind: the manufacturing industry accounts for over half of the Gross World Product at $40 Trillion, but due to inefficiencies, over 20% of every dollar spent in the industry is wasted. That adds up to $8 Trillion of waste every single year. By utilizing the services of a process improvement company like Huzzard, companies can minimize inefficiencies by implementing a successful process improvement strategy, all without any of the headaches that come with doing so on their own.

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