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How Intelligent Barcode Scanning Improves Your Business

Company, meet intelligent barcode scanning.

We’ve all seen over time the impact and improvement technology is having in every facet of every business area. From simple enhancement aids to complete automation. Most companies, departments, and teams settle for something in-between the spectrum, where the human workforce and technology work synergistically.

Enter intelligent scanning.

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are one of your focuses is on improving productivity and reducing human error. Your employees and work team have the best intentions to provide the highest level of thoroughness and consistency that they can. Yet slips and mistakes happen. At times it can be caught but often they go unnoticed until it’s too late or it affects other processes down the line. The attention, time, and steps needed to correct the human errors can add up, resulting in lost productivity and efficiency.

Warehouse shelves

Intelligent scanning via barcode scanners can help bridge the gap. Whether you’re collecting customer information in person, having customers check-in, analyzing member history, receiving and shipping items, or taking inventory of stock, there’s a scanner and program that can help you achieve your goals. Huzzard Systems works with you to discern what the end goal is and tailors the product to help you meet your needs.

So how exactly does Intelligent Scanning work?

Barcodes are found on a multitude of items. Equipment, grocery items, shipping cartons, Library books, IDs, marathon runners.  You name it.  If something needs to be tracked or is considered an asset with value, chances are it has a barcode on it.  Some of them are linear 1D symbologies like Code 39 or Code 128 and usually contain alpha numeric or numbers only, while others are 2D symbologies like Datamatrix or QR codes or PDF417 and have more information and data encoded. For example, this can include the name and address on a driver’s license or patient data on a hospital wrist band, as well as standard websites, product descriptions, and more.

Barcode scanner utilizing intelligent scanning reading a driver's license

When a barcode scanner scans the barcode, the encoded information is decoded and often gets parsed out to a spreadsheet or specific program. You could stop right there and your barcode scanner would have done its job.  However, what if your barcode scanner was intelligent?  Intelligent scanning means programming your scanner in sync with your workflow.  For instance, suppose you have receiving application that requires five fields of data to be entered into a spreadsheet – Name, Date, PO number, Item, Quantity and Description.  A These can easily be customized to parse out only particular information or in certain order. Our scanners will read barcodes in every angle it is presented.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to tracking information and streamlining processes with intelligent scanning. Contact Huzzard Systems today to start a conversation on how we can assist and improve your business and team.

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