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Harsh Environment Labels On-Demand: The Solution is Here

Harsh Environment Labels On-Demand: The Solution is Here

Harsh environment labels are typically pre-printed in batches, which creates logistical challenges and often increases costs while reducing printing flexibility. However, it’s now possible to print harsh environment labels on-demand, which is often a more convenient, affordable and flexible option.

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When you use pre-printed harsh environment labels, you usually have to order and buy them in bulk, forecast and plan your usage, and manage your inventory. You also risk ending up with unused labels if your printing requirements change and your labels are suddenly obsolete.

In addition, using pre-printed labels means you can’t customize each individual label for specific products, orders or customers. If you have data that will change on each label, it has to be sequential, such as an order or transaction number, so you can pre-print it in a proper sequence.

However, no business has to be locked into pre-printing. It’s now completely feasible to switch to printing harsh environment labels on demand with the Lean Line Labeling™ solution from our team at Huzzard Systems.


Building a Print-On-Demand System for Harsh Environment Labels


At Huzzard, we have decades of experience in designing complex print-on-demand systems that integrate all types of labels, including those designed for harsh environments.

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To come up with a better approach to printing and eliminate the limitations and costs of pre-printing, we designed a system called Lean Line Labeling.

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In developing the system, we leveraged our extensive knowledge of thermal transfer pressure-sensitive materials and ribbon formulations. We also applied a deep understanding of regulatory and agency requirements for harsh environment labels, including UL, CSA, AGA and the FDA.

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We use Zebra on-demand printing technologies and Zebra’s specialized harsh environment labels to create each version of this system for our customers.


Benefits of Lean Line Labeling On-Demand


Instead of relying solely on pre-printed labels, Lean Line Labeling allows labels to be printed on-demand in any industrial environment. The system allows dynamic data to be printed on-demand and paired with static data on labels that we pre-print, manage and provide for our customers.


This means you end up with less label waste, less label inventory, and improved work and data flow on your assembly line.


We also include label material testing, engineering drawings, label archiving, and line stocking as free and value-added services.


Our experts can also develop custom labels, applications, and hardware integrations to optimize your data presentation, capture and movement. By combining Zebra barcode printers, scanners and our software development expertise, we create seamless and cost-effective systems for a wide variety of labeling applications.


Potential Applications


Lean Line Labeling can be applied to all types of labels generated or consumed on a production line, factory floor, or in other industrial environments. These include compliance labels, specialized harsh environment labels, and shipping/logistic labels.


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If you’re looking for ways to simplify your labeling operations, save costs, and print harsh environment labels on-demand, our Lean Line Labeling system is the answer.


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