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A Selection from the Zebra Technologies White Paper:

Solutions for Mobile Printing and Ticketing

Electronic citation solutions from Zebra provide law enforcement, parking and
code enforcement personnel a solid and measureable financial payback with the ability to print parking tickets, traffic violations, and other citations. With on-the- spot electronic citations, there’s no writing by hand, which can mean a large reduction in data entry, postage, and processing costs. Plus, printed citations are durable and legible without handwritten errors that can create an unenforceable ticket. Fines are more likely to hold up in court, more likely to be paid, and are faster and easier for officers to issue.

E-Citation Solutions from Zebra are Ideal for:

  • Parking violations
  • Moving violations
  • Violations of local ordinances
  • Parking passes
  • Receipts for parking fees

Printed citations—produced by a rugged Zebra® mobile printer, Zebra’s high-quality receipt paper, and a handheld terminal as a complete system—effectively replace handwritten tickets. Printed citations eliminate the cost, delay and errors associated with manual data entry. Citations are clearly printed and contain important information such as the reason for the citation, remittance information, and other crucial data.

Faster to Issue

Printed citations drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to issue a citation. This increases the number of citations that can be issued during a shift and makes it faster to issue multiple citations to a single defendant.

Citations More Likely to be Paid

Printed citations are more legible and accurate than handwritten citations and are more likely to hold up in court. Plus, citations can be pre-printed with remittance instructions, courthouse locations, and other information that makes paying the citation easier for the defendant.

Lower Processing Costs

Since the citations are created electronically, administrative processes are streamlined. This means the data entry costs related to handwritten citations are eliminated.

Increase Officer Safety

Electronic citations decrease the amount of time the officer is out of the patrol car, which reduces the chance of being struck by a moving vehicle. Zebra’s e-citation solutions are easy to use and allow officers to focus more attention on the offender—rather than the ticket pad.

For more information on solutions for law enforcement, visit Huzzard’s Read & Feed solution page. To view Zebra’s Solution Brochure, follow this link.

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