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Drivers License Scanning Update!

We are excited to announce that three new program interfaces have been added to our Read & Feed solution – CESI, Tiburon & TIPPS.

CESI, Tiburon and TIPPS users can now realize the benefits of our Read & Feed solution by: scanning the barcode on a government issued Driver’s License with a programmable Read & Feed scanner, parsing the data out of the AAMVA compliant barcode on the license, and  having the data automatically transmitted to the appropriate field in the CESI, Tiburon or TIPPS electronic form.

CESI, Tiburon, and TIPPS users will experience a reduction in data entry errors, time savings, and a safer environment for the officer and general public because of less time spent on a traffic stop.

Our list of program interfaces that work with Read & Feed barcode readers to promote automatic data entry includes:

  • CESI
  • eTime
  • HTE Sungard
  • New World
  • New World 9
  • Premier MDC
  • Pro Phoenix
  • Spillman
  • Spillman Mobile
  • Tiburon
  • Tracs 7.3 and 10.0
  • VisonAir RMS

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