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Cost Effective

Door Access Control doesn’t have to break the bank. Our barcode door access control solution will fit in any budget.


Barcode access control technology allows you to use your members current keytags, or dynamic QR codes to increase security by preventing distribution of key tags.


If your software has specific requirements for data input, we can modify settings and configuration on our door access control reader to seamlessly integrate with your current setup.

Worlds First Weatherized Barcode Door Access Control Solution

Avoid the expense of purchasing NFC cards and tags or converting your members and users from barcoded key-tags by using Huzzard’s Weatherized Barcode Door Access Control.

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No Software Changes Required

Huzzard’s Door Access Control solution integrates directly with your software for maximum user and employee use experience.

If no access control software is currently present, we will help you setup and integrate authentication over IP access control with one of our highly skilled installers.

Access Control FAQ

Access Control is a security method of only allowing authorized users access to specific locations.

Access Control allows you to easily and precisely control and monitor who has access into your building and potentially other internal rooms.

Our HSRF-ENC-KIT access control solution uses barcode technology instead of RFID which can be significantly more expensive to implement. Our barcode access control kit is also weatherized, making it safe for any weather conditions.

Besides our HSRF-ENC-KIT, you will need a few other pieces of the puzzle.

  • Magnetic Door Lock
  • Access Controller
  • Access Control software
  • Barcoded key tags or cellphone application
  • Wiring

We do not do the installations ourselves, but will be more than glad to get you in touch with one of our skilled installers. Our installers will also supply all other components required for your access control solution.

Our HSRF-ENC-KIT solution includes a 6′ coiled RS232 cable, but we offer an extension cable accessory that will allow you to extend up to 60′ with Cat5/6e cabling.
If you require more than 60′, contact us regarding powered RS232 extenders.


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