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Digimarc Barcodes – Revolutionize the retail barcode labeling industry

Digimarc barcodes are here and they’re set to revolutionize the retail barcode labeling industry forever. Faster, more reliable and more secure than traditional UPC barcodes, Digimarc barcodes offer a one of a kind solution that ensures accurate scans at a fraction of the time for retail environments and the best part is, Digimarc barcodes occupy zero space on the packaging.

Digimarc Barcodes were first engineered by the Digimarc Corporation, a publicly traded company known for their patented watermarking technology. With this expertise, they were able to develop the Digimarc barcode which encodes standard GTIN data over the entire surface of the package. These codes are unreadable to the human eye but are easily and reliably read by point of sale (POS) imaging scanners, smartphones and other devices equipped with Digimarc software.

No longer will your employees waste time fumbling to find small, inconspicuous UPC barcodes on the products they’re attempting to scan. As the employee (cashier) begins the transaction process and begins to scan items in a POS environment, the UPC barcode is often hidden out of the scanners view as the product is presented past the scanner. Thus resulting in more time spent changing the orientation of the product so that the UPC barcode is in direct line of sight of the POS scanner.

With Digimarc Barcodes, fumbling for the correct orientation will never be a problem again. Since the entire package is covered in a watermark based code, the Digimarc enabled imaging scanners offered by Huzzard Systems will be able decode the data, regardless of orientation. Thus resulting in faster scans, higher accuracy and more reliability since worrying about one small UPC barcode being damaged will no longer be an issue. Together, these process improvement components add up to a more enjoyable overall customer experience with a reduction in time spent going through the checkout line.

The benefits also extend beyond the employees standing behind the cash register. Self checkouts are increasing in popularity across the United States and the process improvements experienced by cashiers mentioned earlier transfer over to the self checkout lane as well. Customers and employees will never again have to fumble to scan the product they desire. The result? A more streamlined checkout experience with seconds saved on each scan. Just imagine the amount of time saved after a year of scanning Digimarc barcoded products versus the old, clumsy UPC barcodes!

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