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Huzzard partners with Code Corp and Zebra to Streamline COVID-19 Data Collection

Huzzard, Code Corp and Zebra are streamlining COVID-19 data collection

As our country continues to deal with an ongoing pandemic, it becomes critical to work towards lowering cases of COVID-19 every day in hope of full recovery. For many, that means maintaining distance and wearing masks, but those practices only go so far. Whether it’s through continuing curbside pickup, keeping your workers at a safe distance, or simplifying processes at pop-up medical facilities and testing sites, Huzzard and Partners are helping companies work towards the reduction of COVID cases while maintaining a productive environment.


Keeping Workers at a Distance

Take Zebra’s MotionWorks Proximity software for example. Supported on numerous devices, the program alerts and reminds employees to maintain distance procedures and keeps a contract

tracing record for purposes of reporting. In addition, MotionWorks Proximity takes note of when distance practices are being ignored and allows the user to recreate procedures to allow a safe workflow for the company. The program is also deployed remotely, and it requires no new infrastructure, making it easy to access.

Curbside Businesses

Curbside pickup has certainly increased in popularity, and we are there to make the process as safe and seamless as possible. Using mobile devices, store associates can receive real-time alerts when orders arrive and when customers are ready for pickup, and they can update inventory to prevent pointless searches for unavailable items. This allows employees to stay on top of fulfillment and keep the customer satisfied. Associates can also pack items, label orders, and print receipts all before the customer arrives, then scan coupons and take additional payment during the transaction, making it as quick and safe as possible. Not only will associates stay on top of orders, but they will reduce exposure and contribute to the effort of keeping cases low.

Drive-through Testing Facilities

Of course, drive-through testing facilities and pop-up medical centers are both key players in the fight against COVID-19, both of which can be made safer and more efficient with the right data collection technology. Scanners like the CR2700 can obtain data from driver’s licenses and other IDs through car windows, eliminating contact entirely from that step in the process. Our devices also empower medical workers to automate data capture, validation, and reporting, allowing the long line to keep flowing. Additionally, with the wear-and-tear of constant use, the devices come prepared with features like charging cradles, long-lasting batteries, and disinfectant-ready plastic to make sure workers aren’t slowed down.

Alternative Care Facilities

In alternative care facilities, medical workers can use similar procedures to best serve their patients all while following given protocols. Mobile-computing and scanning devices come disinfectant-ready to maintain a clean and safe environment while improving the care process. They can create and scan wristbands to verify patients, relay treatment information to eliminate manual data entry, and enable a quick plan without error. As always, our devices are rugged and long-lasting, making them reliable when medical workers and patients need them most.


Through our products and services, Zebra, Code Corp and Huzzard are able to help many companies maintain distance practices while making sure their procedures are not slowed down. Software like MotionWorks Proximity makes this possible with strategies like contact tracing, while our mobile devices create a frictionless curbside pickup process for any business. We are also helping medical workers fighting the pandemic firsthand to establish safe and efficient testing procedures while also helping patients in alternative care facilities to get the treatment they need.


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