In today’s world there is no time for slow and unreliable. We need quick and dependable performance from all our electronic devices, especially in the workplace. That is why having a 100% first read rate from your driver’s license scanners is so important. It allows for efficiency and accuracy while removing the annoyance of dealing with poor performing technologies. Here are a few pointers on ensuring a 100% first read rate.

When scanning the driver’s license, be sure to hold the barcode 3” – 4” from the scanner. If the barcode is too close or too far away from the scanner, it is unable to focus on the barcode for decoding.
Depending on the environment the scanner is in, there may be a glare on the driver’s license. To combat that glare, simply tilt your license towards the barcode scanner while holding it within the 3” – 4” range until it scans.
Each state has their own driver license design with some having more than one barcode on the back. Be sure to always scan the largest barcode. It may also be helpful to cover up any other barcodes on the license using a thumb or finger.

Days at work can often feel rushed and filled with both large and small frustrations. The tips above help save time and eliminate at least one of those frustrations during the day. For additional tips and tricks, as well as insights and solutions for commercial and manufacturing settings, visit our website at and check back for regular blog posts.

To see these tips in action, watch our video on YouTube: 100% First Read Rate