Huzzard Data Systems was recently featured in a newsletter sent out by Code Corporation featuring some of Huzzard’s many barcode scanning solutions. The original article in its entirety can be download here: Code Access Control Article

Finding Success in Fitness, Huzzard Data Systems and Code
Corporation Take Door Access from Weight Room to Meeting Room

Go ahead, have another Christmas cookie — you’re not alone.

Some 66% of Americans expect holiday weight gain, per a 2023 OnePoll survey. Seasonal stoutness isn’t surprising. U.K. design firm Wren Kitchens found the average person delights in 5,373 calories on Christmas Day. Yuletide decadence means it’s crunch time for health and fitness clubs.

Between gifting, guilt and resolutions, 12% of members join in January. To broaden appeal, many chains have ditched dour weight rooms for an aura of wellness with smoothie/sports drink bars, tanning, specialty cycling and more. Via tiered memberships, they’ve paired these income streams with 24/7 access, requiring robust access control solutions.

“Gyms must ensure, on the operations side, that they’re improving at preventing revenue loss,” says Gary Jahnke, founder and president of Huzzard Data Systems. “That’s done by ensuring the members using those value-adds are permitted to do so.”

Barbells & Barcodes

Fit bodies balance stretching, strength training and cardio. Fit gyms balance frictionless enrollment, door access and revenue control — all through barcodes. Knowing this, Wisconsin-based Huzzard offers AIDC-based process improvement solutions, like its automated door access control systems and Read & Feed™ automated membership registration.

“We help gyms deliver an improved customer experience,” Jahnke beams.

Huzzard’s impact starts when a prospect enters a gym. After a tour and membership review, a Huzzard HSRF-500 USB configurable barcode scanner jumpstarts enrollment by scanning the
barcode on a driver’s license for Read and Feed data parsing. Utilizing Code Corporation’s JavaScript-powered CR5200 Barcode Reader, Read and Feed plucks relevant data from the ID’s
barcode and inputs it into the gym’s software.

“It’s process improvement,” Jahnke explains. “It’s eliminating errors because data isn’t being typed in. We make it quicker because the scanner takes the relevant information, parses it rapidly, and drops it into the relevant fields on an application.”

Read and Feed faces a herculean task because each state’s ID carries different data. In fact, a chain that Huzzard supports runs 2,400+ facilities in 50 states. Additionally, each chain requests specific data for payment, soft credit checks, and rewards programs, requiring custom data parsing. However, Jahnke credits Code’s programmable barcode reader for easy customization over other devices. He recalls when a major barcode scanner OEM couldn’t properly parse gender data, creating a ten-week slowdown.

“We then presented that same problem to Code; it was done within days,” Jahnke recalls. “That was just the beginning of ‘wow’ moments with Code,” he adds, noting that custom data parsing with Code was rapid, reliable and repeatable — perfect for outfitting 2,400+ facilities.

Upon enrollment, a member receives a barcode-emblazoned key tag or a custom QR code for their smartphone to scan for entry. Huzzard’s Code-based barcode scanner also supports retail, surprising gym operators who thought scanners had a one-to-one ratio of scanner to application.

“Yes, our scanner is loaded with driver’s license parsing, but it also serves point-of-sale,” Jahnke explains. “You decode the product’s barcode and complete that transaction when your cursor is in the right field.”

Access Granted!

Rapid enrollment is one thing. Getting members in the door — literally — is another. And it’s a Huzzard strength thanks to its patented HSRF-ENC-KIT automated access kit. Replacing fail-prone “card sliders,” the weatherized ENC-KIT houses Code’s CR1100 Barcode Reader and building interfaces. The kit then provides reliable around-the-clock access, which is critical to member retention.

“It’s frustrating! Right when you were motivated to go to the gym, you can’t get in,” Jahnke declares. He added that Code’s exceptional first-read rate is mission-critical.

“With the scan, the system verifies if they’re paid up and can be let in,” he adds. “That happens downstream, but it all starts with successful barcode decoding by Code.”

As fitness clubs incorporate value-adds, like drink kiosks, Huzzard’s kits serve as gatekeepers.

“The point is controlling access — whether that’s outside or inside doors and entry to the kiosk,” Jahnke explains. Select chains also use Huzzard to limit (or track) sauna and pool entry.

Increasing Access to Access Control
Access control systems balance consumers’ desires for safety and convenience with shareholders’ demands for ROI. So, like athleisure wear, barcode-based door access control is moving from weight rooms to meeting rooms. Need proof? Adroit Market Research3 projects the access control market will rise from $10B to $15B from 2023 to 2029.

“People enjoy that ubiquitous barcode because it’s just so nondescript, and they’re not threatened by it,” Jahnke says. “Plus, it’s all touch-free.” So app developers and building managers are approaching Huzzard for access control, credential-based access and capacity management to protect people and maintain revenue. Uses include:

Understandably, reliability is key. Jahnke credits Code’s aggressive scanning, which handles soiled key tags and cracked, smudged and droplet-coated phone screens. If that’s not enough, temporary choke points within athletics consist of a Huzzard scanner enclosed in plexiglass that must offer exceptional first-read rates.

“There are some things you can do to change regarding the reflectance challenge as you’re going through triple-pane glass,” Jahnke shares. “That just underscores Code’s flexibility and versatility.”

Of course, tech spurs high-tech cheats, and Jahnke says venues use dynamic barcodes to prevent QR code screenshots from working as counterfeit mobile tickets.

“You still have a unique ID,” Jahnke explains. “But what’s different is that barcodes change every five to ten seconds; from an operation standpoint, you’re back to maintaining revenue.” He adds that his Code-powered solutions dovetail seamlessly with these shifting barcodes.

Jahnke says dynamic barcodes and Huzzard’s Code-based scanners will continue to be access control solutions because they’re economical, familiar and frictionless.

“Code’s first-read rate is almost 100%; that’s the goal,” Jahnke asserts. “And when your goal is to deliver a 100% rate, good things happen along the way for better member experiences.”

Don’t Wait to Lose the Weight!
Mindful eating and regular exercise mean half of gained holiday weight could be gone in a month — some studies claim it’s a six-month slog to lose it all safely. Thanks to Code and Huzzard, the gym’s ready around the clock.

“After all, you shouldn’t have to burn a lot of calories trying to get into the gym,” Jahnke asserts. “You burn the calories once you’re inside.”