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Barcode Scanners and smartphone applications

Barcode scanners are becoming more advanced and versatile than ever.  One multipurpose barcode scanner that can do it all is the Code Corp CR1400. It has the ability to read bar codes off key tags for gym members, read drivers licenses and also work at point of sales. It also has a quick first read rate to ensure a fast and correct barcode scan on smartphones and other surfaces. Not all scanners are able to scan accurately and quickly. Having a reliable and advanced scanner can be the difference between satisfied and disgruntled customers.

Smartphones are starting to replace physical cards.  This development has started to take hold in retail stores across the country. The driving force behind this change is to make the checkout process simpler and more efficient. One thing to remember, not all scanners are able to scan barcodes from smartphones because of the glass screens. Smartphones aren’t the lone exception, not many scanners are able to read off of different surfaces and types of barcodes including 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional and data matrix barcodes.

Physical membership cards and coupons are being replaced with smartphone apps that can be scanned.  Qdoba has a rewards program that allows customers to get a digital card that can be scanned from a smartphone and can keep track of purchases and rewards. Another popular application of scanning has allowed retailers like Target to launch an app for coupons. Target’s app, Cartwheel , has digital coupons that let’s customers find the best deals in store.  At checkout, customers present their phones with what coupons they are using and the scanner picks up the

barcodes from the screen. It’s not just retail stores that are embracing barcode scanning from phones.


Gyms can now make physical membership cards obsolete.  With new scanning technologies, gym members can scan into the building by bringing their phone. If you have your smartphone with you, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your gym card again.  Registering new members for gyms is easier than ever. Gyms can scan a person’s drivers license and the scanner will pick up the information. Not only will it pick up the essential information, it will transfer it to a membership form and fill out the appropriate sections. You can check out our page on eForm Autofill or watch the video below.

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