Info On Demand™ Assembly Line Labels

Assembly Line Data Collection Labels

Assembly Unit No.

The Assembly Unit Number (AUN) barcode Label provides the basis for automatically tracking the product throughout the production the unit tracker. This label is scanned each time work begins on the assembly unit.


Workstation barcode labels help connect where and when the work was done in relation to Assembly Unit Numbers. This label is scanned once at the start of work at a workstation.

Employee Badge No.

Employee Badge barcode labels help associate which employee performed work at specific workstation(s) and at what time. This label is scanned once at the beginning of the shift when the employee logs into the IOD data collection device.

Product Type or SKU

The employee at the Work station #1 scans the Product type (SKU) barcode label. If multiple types of products will be produced, and sometimes changed mid-stream, employees at all work stations have the ability to switch which product is being produced by scanning a new Product Type (SKU) barcode label.

Mode Switch

With Mode Switching labels, employees will be able to switch between product line, subassembly, and rework modes quickly with one scan.

Sub Assembly

The sub assembly work area is often ancillary to the main assembly line. The work being done is often performed at a different rhythm and IOD™ placard labels reflect the need to Check In an Check Out of sub assembly, and to capture the completion of a sub assembly.

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