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Gary | Huzzard Data Systems


Carpe Diem

An entrepreneurial-minded person, Gary Jahnke has a deep interest in new business development, sales management, and strategic planning. He has 35 years of experience in labeling and data collection systems and has worked in both marketing and sales roles before forming his own company. He launched Huzzard Systems in 2010 to help organizations eliminate pain points, capitalize on opportunities, and improve overall efficiency by creatively combining barcode and RFID technologies, labeling systems and application development.

Gary earned an MBA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison has served on the boards of several community organizations including the Appleton Education Foundation. He is also a Miracle League coach and serves as Co-Chair of the Career Based Learning Senior Business Advisory committee for the Appleton Area School District.

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The origin of name Huzzard.

When starting a company, it can be very challenging to find a domain name that has not been registered. With 400,000 URL

registrations happening per day, many creative and meaningful names are already taken! I wanted a name, or word, that was available, unique and memorable.

My inspiration for the name of the company came from the character in a book that re-surfaced in the summer of 2010 after my 21 year old college daughter cleaned her room. On top of a stack of books ready to be donated was a book called Huzzard Buzzard. Huzzard Buzzard is the story of a buzzard’s quest to learn how to fly. It was one of the first books my daughter learned to read. In essence, it is a story about having a goal, networking, utilizing different resources, failing, persevering, and ultimately, reaching the goal. Not only was the story meaningful to me because of the connection to my daughter, I felt it was transferable to business goals. Huzzard Buzzard tells the story of what happens every day in business as organizations try to improve their processes and comply with various regulations – have a goal, experience failure, network with the right resources, and achieve said goal. This is Huzzard Systems’ reason for being!

If you would like a copy of the book Huzzard Buzzard, please contact Huzzard Systems and I will be glad to send you one (free) for a special child in your life.

Gary Jahnke, Founder